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Our Last Day

Today, on our group’s fifth and final full day in Havana, we spent most of our time visiting Cuban Jewish (or “Jubano”) elderly people. We started by going to the Sephardic Lodge which is a recreation center for senior citizens. There, we had a chance to engage with the seniors by playing games with them … Continue reading Our Last Day

To begin the day, we ventured outside of Havana to the shores of the ocean. The beach stretched long and far, lined with palm trees and people selling hand-made traditional Cuban hats, which some of the group purchased. After the beach, we joined Raul and Nafal on the bus and drove to lunch in Cojimar, … Continue reading

Shabbat in Cuba

Day 2 of finding your Spirituality ¬†We started off the day with breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Although the food was good, they had some very intersting choices. For example, spaghetti and mashed potatoes were offered alongside eggs and pancakes. A huge pork burger was also offered, yet no one decided to take that up. … Continue reading Shabbat in Cuba

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